Who we are

We are a group of neighbours from the former English estate in Cologne-Raderthal, near the municipal Fritz-Encke Park. Young and old all get together in our network: we work in different jobs, and all have varied experience, and ideas. Everyone feels committed, concerned and wishes to help the new arrivals in our town area.


We welcome everyone to Raderthal. We wish to see that all refugees make a good start in our local town area. We want to help and support them in their new life, meet together and invite them to parties, accompany them to official and municipal offices, help with urgent donations, play with the children, and help them to learn the language and much more.


Life altogether with people from other countries enriches our own everyday lives. Genuine welcome begins on our own doorstep.


This is our town district


Raderthal is situated in the South of Cologne. Nature here is strongly emphasised. The region possesses many old trees and green areas, a wonderful park, the Fritz-Encke Municipal Park – perfect for a walk, surrounded by a generous building area of single and family houses. The district home is a listed historic monument, used earlier by an English radio station.



Raderthal is well connected to Central Cologne. With 132 Bus (Bonner Straße) and the 133 Bus (Brühler Straße), the Main Station can be reached in 25 minutes.